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What Students and Parents have to Say about their MCA Experience:

While attending the Winona Arts Camp I learned that I wasn’t shy after all!


8 year-old Student

Well, the reason I like ballet and dance is because it makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel flexible and talented. I love the way my toe points and the way my foot flies in the air when I do a degage. I love the way I fly through the air when I do a leap. I try to be respectful to my teacher. I try to be a good sport all of the time to my classmates. I think ballet is fun and it is good exercise. My goal in ballet is to be in the "Nutcracker" and I have always wanted to be on toe shoes. But I am too young to be on pointe. I love ballet, I love music and I love to dance. But ballet is my favorite of them all. I like to make friends in my class. the reason I go to MCA specifically is because it is close to my house and my Mom’s work. I like all my teachers and some of my friends go there too. THE END


MCA Student, Age 9

Our child’s personal growth had been amazing. The programming challenges her, but also makes her successful. The instructors genuinely care about her both as a dancer and as a person.

Parent of a Dancer

I love tap sooooooo much. It is such an upper in my life and brings happiness into my life.
Adult Tap Student

When I first started piano lessons at MCA, I knew very little about music.  Now seven years later, I’ve learned so much.  I play music emotionally.  I can use something so simple to make beautiful music.  Music has given me a way to express my emotions without saying a word.  I couldn’t wait to join the Jazz combo.  My two years playing in the Duke Combo has given me the ability to improvise and to meet and make new friends.  Going to MCA has not only been a great opportunity, it has also helped me to be a better musician in my school band.  I have a lot more experience and knowledge than my fellow band members.  My years of piano and jazz at MCA has been great.  I have grown both emotionally and musically, and I hope to keep growing.


8th Grade Piano & Jazz Combos Student

The MCA combos help me step out of my comfort zone and be with people outside my school.  And I got to play a new instrument. There is no pressure to be awesome, just do the best you can.


Jazz Combos Student

I like our piano teacher’s enthusiasm. I appreciate that you offer dance classes which do not require girls to dress in immodest clothing.

Parent of MCA Music & Dance Students

Nolan has really taken to dance, thanks to MCA. I highly recommend getting your sons into their initial classes. Nolan started with Hip Hop, and has progressed into quite the dancer. He has now added ballet to his coursework, and he is taking to it as well. Props to all of the wonderful dance instructors at MCA!

Chris Livingston

Father of MCA Dancers

I love the atmosphere and environment. I think MCA and the community within it exudes positivity, and that is something that I haven’t experienced in the past. I feel at home at MCA.

Parent of MCA Dancer

The jazz combos have been a great source of joy for my daughters.  Through the combos, they have been able to grow as musicians, as people, learn a style of music that they don’t get in a concert band or orchestra and learn how to take risks through the art of improvisation. Thank you MCA for making this possible.


Parent of MCA Students

Love the Amazing teachers and classes provided at MCA! It’s defiantly my home away from home.

MCA Student

They enjoy learning additional dance techniques, challenging themselves to do their best and they have fun in class. They enjoy their instructors and have made several friendships with other students in class. It’s amazing to see what they have really learned over the past several years they have been part of MCA.

Parent of Students

We love MCA because there is less/no focus on competitions and more focus on gaining skills.

Parent of Student


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