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Due to the pandemic, appointments must be made to visit our in-store boutique to be fitted for dance shoes or order tights, make your appointment today by emailing: mca@smumn.edu. However, please find the links below to find resources and ways you can support your artist and MCA at the same time.

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Tap On-Demand These pre-recorded tap classes for Beginning (MCA Tap for Kids/ Beg. Tap/Tap I), Intermediate (MCA Tap II Level), and Advanced (MCA Tap Levels III-V) provide challenging and fun warm-ups, technique instruction and combinations that can be executed at home on your own schedule.*

Fees & Levels:

Tap for Kids/ Tap I Unit: $24 (4 classes including warm-ups, tap technique and combos, plus bonus content)- Available around Dec. 1, 2020

Tap II Unit: $24 (4 classes including warm-ups, tap technique and combos, plus bonus content)

Tap III-V Unit: $49 (8 classes including warm-ups, tap technique and combos, plus bonus content)

*MCA has tap shoes and tap boards that can be checked out to local students, as well as both boards and shoes for purchase. Contact the MCA office at mca@smumn.edu for more information.

Accompaniment Recording

Are you a vocalist or instrumentalist in need of a quality digital accompaniment recording? MCA’s talented piano faculty is here to help you. One session provides piano accompaniment for one song. Once registered, you will be asked to share a digital copy of your music via Google Drive (you can use the adobe scan app to capture nice photos) as well as any tempo requests.

Fees: $19 per song

Dance Apparel

If you need to order dance apparel that we do not carry in our boutique. We recommend checking out Discount Dance Supply. If you do order something through Discount Dance Supply (DDS) please consider entering our TEACHER ID : TP 123796, when you do this MCA will get a credit on future purchases when we use DDS to order costumes or items in the future.

Hip Hop Dance Kit

Looking for a fun way to keep your young hip hop dancer moving? Check out this fun at-home kit with hip hop dance instruction cards and floor spots to get your young dancer moving and creating new dances at-home. As an affiliate of Rhythm Works Integrative Dance MCA receives a portion of your purchase made through this link.

MCA Unique Self-paced Visual Art Kits:

Oil Pastel Kit

This kit includes everything you need to create your next masterpiece. Oil pastels are a fun medium for all ages. They were invented in 1924 and are a drawing medium which consist of pigment (color) mixed with a binder mixture of non-drying oil and wax. They are a fast medium that is easy to paint/draw with (no water needed) and convenient to carry. You can explore on your own or use the included tip sheet and links to videos to get you started on your oil pastel journey.

What's included (colors or brands may vary):

  • Set of 24 oil pastels
  • Paper of different textures to explore (smoother surfaces are easier to color and blend on, but harder to build up layers on). Try them all to find out what is your favorite surface and background color. 
  • Ebony pencil which has a smooth jet black graphite lead that is great for drawing a silhouette over oil pastels.
  • White Paint Pen- this pens can be used to add finishing touches and details over the top of the oil pastels (best after your artwork has sat and dried for a few minutes). 
  • Tortillion (blending stub) for blending tool.
  • Masking Tape to be used to create a frame around the outside or cover areas you want to stay oil pastel free.
  • Tip sheet

Instructors: access to recordings of previously recorded MCA Art Classes

Fees:  $18 (at-home art kit with pick-up or delivery in Winona or for an additional $12 per order, kits can be mailed anywhere in the US)

Everything Art Kit 

This inclusive kit has everything you need to get started creating on your own. If you want a want to dive a little deeper you can access previously recorded MCA art lessons to learn about blending and creating with oil pastels, perspective drawing, colored pencil techniques, doodling word art and more. This kit is perfect for all ages, but is a perfect addition to a homeschooling curriculum.

What's included (colors or brands may vary): 24 oil pastels, 12 colored pencils, masking tape, washi tape, pencil sharpener, ebony pencil, tortillion (blending stub), eraser, black fineliner pen, 2 gel pens, 12 piece watercolor pan, paint brush, 10 pieces of paper of different textured and colored paper (including a blank postcard and bookmarks), tip sheets and link for access to pre-recorded MCA classes

Instructors: access to recordings of previously recorded MCA Art Classes

Fees:  $29 (at-home art kit with pick-up or delivery in Winona or for an additional $12per order, kits can be mailed anywhere in the US)

MCA Doodle Kit

Take your doodling to the next level with this handy Doodle Kit. This kit is perfect for use during MCA's Doodle Club, virtual classes or instruction videos online.

What's included (colors or brands may vary): White, Silver, and Gold Gelly Roll Pens, blending stump (tortillion), Ebony Pencil, 12 colored pencils, pencil sharpener,12 Artist Tiles, 12 Black Bookmarks and extra fine point sharpie inside of a zippered pouch.

Dates: Available October 20- May 31 (self-paced)

Fees:  $19 (at-home art kit with pick-up or delivery in Winona or for an additional $12 kits can be mailed anywhere in the US)

Mystery Art Kit

Sick of hearing “I’m Bored”?  We have just the cure… our MCA Mystery Art Kits will inspire and provide hours of unplugged entertainment. No two kits are the same and they are designed with the student’s age  in mind. Order yours today and let the adventure begin! Each unique kit will contain:

  •  One set of coloring supplies such as oil pastels, colored pencils, paint, watercolor pencils, crayons or markers
  • One binding material such as elmer’s glue, mod podge, glue stick, or masking tape
  • A variety of surfaces to create on such as a postcard, book mark, artist paper, exclusive coloring pages created by MCA staff,  and or construction paper.
  • An art challenge guide created by MCA art faculty to help spark the artist within
  • Other surprise items such as model magic, stickers, DIY masks, or props
  • Links to previously recorded MCA visual art classes (if you have purchased a kit, here is the link to the password protected special access site.)
  • Invitation to share photos of your creations to be featured on MCA’s social media

Dates: Available Aug. 1- Dec. 15 (self-paced)

Instructors: Self-paced booklet with 8 creative challenges created by Brianna Haupt and access to recordings of previously recorded MCA Art Classes.

Fees: In-person $24 (at-home art kit with pick-up or delivery in Winona or for an additional $12 kits can be mailed anywhere in the US)


Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts
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Phone: 507-453-5500
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E-Mail: mca@smumn.edu

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