Dear MCA Community: 

As we begin a new semester it is important to refresh yourself on our Health and Safety guidelines. Modifications and updates have been made since our last update in Spring of 2022, so read carefully! You can reach out directly to Megan Bagniewski, our Administrative Assistant, with any questions ( 

Face-coverings are not mandated on MCA premises, with the following exceptions:

  • During classes/lessons: Instructors may require students to wear masks during class or lesson time. Instructors will be asked to notify their students about their requirements. Students must respect and comply with masking requirements from instructors. 
    • Parents or Guardians may request that private lesson instructors wear masks. That request may be made directly to the instructor.
  • At other large events/gatherings: Masks may be required at events in university/MCA theaters or at other large events or gatherings, as determined by the university and MCA.

MCA and Saint Mary’s University together support everyone who chooses to wear a mask even when it is not required. Everyone is expected to respect individual choices about masking, remembering, for example, that people may choose to mask because they are simply uncomfortable without a mask, they are immuno-compromised, or they have small children at home who cannot be vaccinated.

What follows here is our updated Health & Safety Code of Conduct for Spring 2023 (January 9-March 18).

  • All students (or guardians of those under 18) will be required to agree to this code of conduct and sign the electronic waiver that is added to our parent/student portal (JackRabbit).
  • Vaccines are not required, but are strongly encouraged.
  • Masking is welcome, but no longer required. Please do wear a mask if you are feeling sick, especially if you have a cough or frequent sneezes.
  • MCA will continue to provide face-masks and hand sanitizer at the front desk and in our studios/classroom spaces.
  • Students, families, and guests confirm by arriving onsite for a class, lesson, or program that they have done a self-health assessment and that they are not experiencing or exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms.

If a student or instructor has COVID-like symptoms or a positive test result:

  • Any student or instructor experiencing symptoms is encouraged to wear a mask and to get tested for COVID-19 immediately.
  • If the test is negative, then no further action is needed (beyond what a medical professional recommends if you feel unwell despite a negative result)!.
  • If the test is positive, please notify MCA immediately ( and plan to isolate for 5 full days (you count this from the day after the first day symptoms appear). If symptoms have improved and no fever is present after 5 days, you may return to lessons, class, or programs. We ask that you wear a face covering through your first week back in classes or lessons. If symptoms do not improve and the fever holds on after that initial 5 days, please remain at home until symptoms improve and consult a medical professional.

If a student or instructor has a COVID case in their household:

  • Students and instructors with COVID cases in their households are not currently required to self-isolate unless they begin showing symptoms or test positive.
  • If a student or instructor is concerned about exposure in their household, they are welcome and encouraged to wear a face-covering for 5 days (or more) until they feel confident that no symptoms are present.
  • Testing at home or via a testing site is encouraged to ensure no infection is present.