Calling all young actors, ages 8-18! MCA is holding auditions for our youth improv troupe, Main reACTion, on Saturday, September 24 from 2:00-3:30pm in the Academy Theatre at MCA (1164 W. Howard Street, Winona). This year Brittany Clipsham, recently co-director of MCA’s popular production of Junie B. Jones: The Musical JR., will lead the group in fun and theatre education.


For Auditions on September 24th, actors 8-18 should come ready to imagine! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and pick a 30 second short story, poem, or other reading to perform. Please bring a list of conflicts and commitments for Saturday afternoons from October to December.We will also have other options for readings available for actors if you are unsure what to bring.


Once classes start, we will get together 2 Saturdays a month from 2pm-4pm. Each class will cover different aspects of improvisation and story creation. We will learn about the five styles of improv that are used in competitions (Story; Theme; Character; Life; and Style). We will also learn about story arcs and how to use it while acting! Of course, there will be plenty of theatre games to help young actors think about stage space, reacting, saying “Yes, and…” within a scene, and developing a story with others. As the actors become more comfortable, we will also figure out what kind of actor you are! Whether you are Personality, Realistic, Chameleon, or a Creative actor. As each semester ends, we will prepare for performances. At the end of this first semester, Main ReACTion will perform at the MCA Free-for-All in January 2023.


For more information call: 507-453-5500 or email: