MCA is pleased to announce the cast for our summer production of Junie B. Jones: The Musical JR. This production is co-directed by Brittany Splittstoesser and Megan Peterson, and is made possible by a generous grant from the Winona Community Foundation. Thank you to all the young actors who auditioned and to their parents/grandparents/guardians, and congratulations to all those cast in the show!

We look forward to seeing the cast and their guardians at our group meeting tomorrow, Wednesday June 8, at 7pm in the Academy Theatre at MCA.

Cast List

Junie B – Ruth Civettini

Daddy – River Repinski

Mother – Karissa Sanders

Lucille – Kyana Kuhn

Camille – Chloe Bronk

Chenille – Emma Johnson

Bobbi Jean Piper – Maggie Lungerhausen

Grace – Harper Dembiec

Herb – Zeke Frankel

Lennie – Luke Nicklay

May – Fiona Hoyles

Shirley – Lucie Johnson

Jose – Nico Nyala

Sheldon – Walker Woodworth

Mr. Scary – River Repinski

Gladys Gutzman – Erica Ruppert

Mr. Woo – Ash Wicka

Tickle the dog – McKay Seigfried

Lunch Server – Violet Lewis


School Kids

  • Elsa Woodworth
  • Joslynn Hardy
  • Cora Wicka
  • Lucy Tipton
  • Molly Schneider (Solo)
  • Zoe Hoyles (Solo)


Kids on the Bus

  • Elsa Woodworth
  • Joslynn Hardy
  • Cora Wicka
  • Lucy Tipton
  • Violet Lewis
  • Molly Schneider 
  • Zoe Hoyles 



  • Zoe Hoyles
  • Molly Schneider