Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) is thrilled to announce that it has been selected to receive a monetary gift from the “For The Love Of Dance Challenge.” The challenge is a charity event was created by Apolla Performance Wear, LLC and Dance Arts Centre. The gift of $1,500 is to help offset the impact of COVID-19 for MCA’s Dance programs.

Since March 2020 MCA  has offered free and discounted virtual dance instruction to help keep Winona area residents (as well a students from throughout the state and even dancers from Mexico who were able to participate virtually) healthy, connected, and creative. However, the pandemic has caused disruption including a cancelled dance concert as well extra expenses in order to pivot classes to a new format and to purchases in order to prepare for in-person classes at the end of August. This generous donation will help purchase individual tap dancing boards that will be used in August during an outdoor celebration so that dancers can tap together, but social distanced,  sponsor free virtual dance classes during MCA’s Fall open house, the week of August 17-22, and make other purchases necessary to adapt to new in-person and virtual best practices in ever changing times.

About For “The Love Of Dance Challenge”

Apolla Performance Wear, LLC and Dance Arts Centre teamed up for a one-time, virtual charity event, “For The Love Of Dance Challenge.” This event has been created out of a deep love for the dance community! This event brings together leaders in the dance industry, dancers from around the world and lovers of dance…all uniting to save the foundation of our industry: the dance studios! 


The dance industry has been decimated by the effects of COVID-19. Dance studio owners are facing severe financial challenges, some even making the tough decision to close their doors. Taking on loans coupled with loss of income is crushing. This challenge is an answer to helping dance studios, but with the various challenges facing our society, it’s also a step forward to equipping studios with the knowledge to propel the dance industry forward, stronger as our country begins to heal.

What is it?

There are 3 components to the “For The Love Of Dance Challenge”:

  1. The Charity: an exciting interactive opportunity to win prizes/experiences
    1. Industry leaders donate prizes and nominate 3 more leaders to join in…each prize is available for 2 weeks and NEW donors/prizes are added every week!
    2. People purchase entries to WIN starting at $10 …like a raffle ticket.
  2. The Studio Applications: US-based dance studios can apply to receive a grant from all monies raised!  Each month, qualified studios will be selected by a random lottery and awarded any money collected to that point. 
  3. The Education: Studio owner applicants will take the StEPS 2020 Initiative (Studios for Equity, Prevention, and Science), a virtual course series curated by leading professionals.  This course provides education, resources and actionable items surrounding racism, equity, sex abuse/prevention, & dance science all in the studio setting to create a safe space for ALL dancers.  This course is also FREE for ANY dance educator!

How You can get involved:

100% of the proceeds will be gifted to select studio applicants such as MCA. The more money raised, the more studios that will receive help.  This is a calling to the arts community all over the world to come together and SAVE OUR STUDIOS:  Enter to win, donate cash, and/or share the event on your network!

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