Calling actors ages 7-16 years old… You are invited to combine their acting, singing, and dancing skills as you perform in a completely virtual musical, Super Happy Awesome New! Super Happy Awesome News is written to be rehearsed remotely, performed virtually, and shared with audiences online. The storyline is linear, made up of monologues and songs intended to be performed as solos. When these scenes are video recorded and played in sequence, it presents a complete musical theater experience available to any audience with an internet connection.

In Super Happy Awesome News two siblings launch rival good news networks and find themselves competing for the title of happiest news show. Soon, their correspondents are in a whirlwind of ecstatic musical reporting – from joyful weather forecasts, to cheerful cooking segments and blissful political updates! But, when vulnerability starts peeking through the euphoric facade, they’re left wondering: is there room for raw honesty on a super happy broadcast? This new virtual musical (designed specifically to be rehearsed and performed remotely), incorporates real stories from kids and offers a positive outlet for them to express their emotions.

To participate, no experience is necessary, but space is limited to 20 actors/actresses. Students will just need a device enabled with Wi-Fi, recording device (phone, camera, tablet, etc.) and a device to play music. Class sessions and the private lessons will be taught over Zoom.

Online rehearsals are August 3, 10, and 17 (+ one 15-30 min. private coaching arranged by instructor and parent). Live stream performance: Saturday, August 29. Participation is only $39 per student.

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Show Synopsis

JOEY welcomes viewers to the Super Happy Awesome News broadcast – Joey’s new show that only features extremely happy news! (“Super Happy Awesome News”)

The WEATHER REPORTER reports on the super happy awesome weather – sure there may be rain, wind, and even an impending heat wave, but it’s all good news if you spin it properly. (“Super Awesome Weather”)

An ANIMAL REPORTER broadcasts from a safari, showcasing a dangerously awesome wild animal!

A SPORTSCASTER reports from a sports arena. The biggest game of the year was cancelled… which is great news! After all, when nobody plays, everybody wins! (“Good Game”)

PARKER, Joey’s little sibling, breaks onto the broadcast to say hi!

JOEY takes over the broadcast, reprimanding Parker for interrupting and banning Parker from the show. We go to commercial.

A public service announcement showcases REPRESENTATIVE 1 from EKEA (the Every Kid Everywhere Association) who urges parents to leave their kids alone and give them whatever they ask for, including tons of screen time. (“Leave Them Alone”)

In the next commercial, a SALESPERSON introduces viewers to a new product that will make their water more exciting: Spicy Water!

PARKER takes over the feed and introduces Super Happier Awesomer News! – Parker’s new show that promises to be even happier than Joey’s. (“Super Happier Awesomer News”)

JOEY assures viewers that Super Happy Awesome news is still the best news program and promises to out-happy Parker’s broadcast.

POLITICS REPORTER 1, from Super Happy Awesome News, shares a happy update from the senate – they all made friendship bracelets!

POLITICS REPORTER 2, from Super Happier Awesomer News, reports on the escalating friendship bracelet situation and joins in as politicians sing about being BFFs. (“You’re My BFF”)

CHEF 1, a sophisticated chef from Super Happy Awesome News, teaches viewers how to craft the perfect gourmet meal – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. (“It’s An Art”)

CHEF 2, from Super Happier Awesomer News, teaches viewers how to make an even awesomer sandwich with lots of toppings – the PBJGBCSWC!

A pompous COMMUNITY REPORTER from Super Happy Awesome News interviews community members, inviting them to share happy stories. First, BLAIR shares a funny story about her parents dancing to Beyoncé then she passes the microphone to her neighbor, Dylan. DYLAN shares a joyful story about going on long walks with his dad and then throws the microphone to his sister, Tanner. TANNER gets very excited about being on tv! Then, she passes the microphone back to the reporter, who confidently wraps up the segment. (“It Was Good”)

PARKER doesn’t have a spare reporter, so PARKER goes out into the community to interview people directly. PARKER asks LASHAWN how she’s feeling. LASHAWN opens up and shares her honest feelings: She’s overwhelmed by the upsetting stuff she’s seen on the news. (“Honestly, Part 1”)

JOEY interrupts the feed and yells at Parker for including an unhappy story in the broadcast. We go to commercial.

In another public service announcement, EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 2 reports some surprising new findings. Rumor has it, tons of screen time may not be the best thing for your child. Who knew?

Remorseful, JOEY returns to the feed, asking Parker for forgiveness and playing some surprising viewer submissions. In the first submission, DESI thanks the broadcast for airing more vulnerable content and opens up about feeling lonely and excluded. Then SAGE talks about the passing of his grandfather and JAYLEN expresses gratitude for the broadcast, which has emboldened her to be more vulnerable. Finally, JOEY shares a submission, apologizing to Parker and sharing the real reason for starting this show: cheering up their stressed-out parents. (“Honestly”)

PARKER calls JOEY and encourages JOEY to keep opening up. Then the two of them come up with an idea! (“It Was Good, Part 4”)

In this final public service announcement, EKEA REPRESENTATIVE 2 exuberantly hugs a tree and encourages viewers to do the same!

PARKER launches the new Super Honest Awesome News broadcast – where all feelings are welcome! – and introduces submissions from viewers. The FULL CAST is invited to shed their roles and share how they’re feeling. Then everyone closes out the broadcast, singing the new Super Honest Awesome News theme song!

In May of 2020 MCA students presented The Show Must Go On a similar virtual musical also written by Beat By Beat. Below is a recording of that performance.