Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) is so proud to be the home of a new piano lab that was created to serve students of all ages in a group setting. Though MCA has provided private piano lessons for many years this new state-of-the-art electronic lab allows piano instruction in a unique way that allows students to work together and independently while being instructed by a professional teaching artist.
A recent study conducted by Michigan State University researchers found a “very strong correlation between childhood engagement in the creative arts and measurable success later in life, like publishing a book or receiving a patent for an invention.” Yet, according to the Arts Education Partnership, “at the same time we celebrate the arts for the value they add to learning and to life, study of the arts is quietly disappearing from our schools.” With dwindling budgets dedicated to the arts in area schools, opportunities for arts exploration in a community setting is critical. MCA strives to fill the in the gaps in local music education. For adults studies have shown that participation in music study can not only build knowledge of a music and an instrument, but also result in improved health and well being, provide a needed creative outlet, and group study can build community and create social opportunities.
The new lab which features four student pianos and one teacher piano was made possible thanks to the generous support from the Carl and Verna Schmidt Foundation, William Koutsky, Christopher Mechell, and Barbara Dufresne. Additionally, MCA has been selected as a community partner for the fall Winona Hims gospel concert. As a partner MCA will benefit from concert proceeds and plans to add two more student pianos to the lab.
Is learning (or re-learning) piano on your bucket list? If so, it is not too late to register for our fall Beginner Class Piano for Adults which begins Sept.10th (see class description below). After the final expansion of six pianos MCA plans to offer specialized classes to groups of children and teens in addition to adults, so that all ages can benefit from the social and artistic benefits of music. 

Join Piano Instructor, Lauren Mechell on during our Fall Open House on Saturday, August, 24th, 10am-11am for a free mini-lesson in the piano lab (no registration required)!

Beginner Class Piano for Adults: Keyboard Musicianship I & II

Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Here’s your chance to enjoy a low-stress introduction to the keyboard! This course is designed for students who have never taken piano lessons or have taken lessons a long time ago. The training in this class intends to create musical experiences that will enhance your keyboard playing skills and also your life. Group piano encourages us to support one another as we create music together.  Textbooks will need to be purchased before class begins. The only prerequisites are that you wish to learn to play and want to have fun in our new, state-of-the-art piano lab! Level II is a continuation of Level I.

Date: Sept. 10- Oct. 29, 8 weeks

Day and Time: Keyboard Musicianship I: Tuesdays, 1-2 pm

Keyboard Musicianship II: Tuesdays, Noon-1 pm

Ages: 18-Adult

Fee: $152

Instructor: Lauren Mechell

Textbook needed: Keyboard Fundamentals, 7th edition by James Lyke, Denise Edwards, Geoffrey Haydon, Ronald Chioldi, and Lee Evans 2017. ISBN: 978-1-60904-503-6, published by Stripes