Community members ages 14+ are invited to come check MCA’s Yoga and Open Ballet classes for free on April 29th. Both of these classes are perfect for beginners, but will also provide adaptions to those who are bit more seasoned. No registration is required, but anyone new to the MCA community will be asked to fill out a waiver the day of the classes. Below are the class descriptions and schedules. If you have any questions please call 507-453-5500 or email,

Open Ballet: Experience the artistry of ballet while gaining flexibility, placement, strength, and fluidity in this ballet technique and conditioning class. All levels are welcome, no experience necessary.  Free Class Date: Monday, April 29th   Time: 5:45-7pm    Ages: 14+  What to wear: Clothing that is easy to move in, a ballet shoe is recommended but if you just want to try the class out socks or barefoot will work just fine. What to Bring: A water bottle is recommended.

Yoga: Start your week off right with Yoga! Get ready to improve your flexibility and build strength as you move through yoga postures and relaxation exercises. Free Class Date: Monday, April 29th   Time: 7-8pm    Ages: 14+  What to wear: Clothing that is easy to move in, class is taken barefoot or in a yoga/ barre sock. What to Bring: water bottle and participants are welcome to bring a yoga mat or use one provided by MCA.

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