Riverway Learning Community and Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts excited to announce that they have formed a new partnership. Riverway Learning Community is a unique Pre K-12 Minnesota Charter Public School that offers small class sizes, and an environment that nurtures the growth of mind, body, and spirit of students as individuals and as members of the larger community. Each year Riverway students have the opportunity to see many live performances and to participate in workshops through the Page Series at Saint Mary’s University and a partnership with Midwest Music Fest.

Research shows that students who participate in the arts on a regular basis not only find enjoyment and improve their skills in the subject studied but they also show signs of improved language abilities, emotional resilience, empathy, attention span, and self-confidence. Starting this fall Riverway students in Children’s House, E1 & E2 (Pre K- 6th grade) will have the opportunity explore music and reap the benefits during weekly visits to Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) home inside the Valencia Arts Center. MCA is a non-profit organization and affiliate program of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota whose mission is to make the arts accessible to all residents of Southeastern Minnesota regardless of ability, age, race or economic background,

Riverway and MCA are hopeful that this partnership is just the beginning of a long collaboration that will also in the future expand to include instruction for students in grades 7-12. Any community members interested in providing financial support to help provide musical opportunities to enrich the lives of Riverway students are invited to contact either Oscar Uribe,  Director of Riverway at ouribe@riverwaylearningcommunity.org or Jamie Schwaba, Managing Director of MCA at jschwaba@smumn.edu.

About Riverway Learning Community

Riverway Learning Community, a pre k-12 public charter school sponsored by the Audubon Center of the North Woods offers individualized learning in a Montessori and Project Based setting. For more information go to riverwaylearningcommunity.org, email riverway@riverwaylearningcommunity.org, or call (507) 450-4607.

About Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts

The Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts, an affiliate program of Saint Mary’s University, is a nonprofit organization offering programming in dance, music, visual art, and theater. Classes, lessons, workshops, and camps are offered for students of all ages from birth through older adults at the Valéncia Arts Center. For more information, go to mca.smumn.edu, email mca@smumn.edu, or call 507-453-5500.