There are so many fulfilling and educational camps, classes, and family activities to fill your summer with, but here are 4 of the top reasons why you should consider continuing or adding musical training to your summer plans (or really any time of the year!) for you and your children.

  1. MUSIC MAKES YOU SMARTER According to an article from The Telegraph online magazine, “New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain and may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.”  Reading music requires counting notes and rhythms which improve math skills. Some studies reveal that playing an instrument can increase your IQ up to 7 points. For kids, taking lessons over the summer can help prevent the dreaded summer slide.
  2.  LEARN PERSEVERANCE & SELF DISCIPLINE The Act of learning to play an instrument takes time and effort, which teaches patience and perseverance. Musicians have to work through difficult sections of music multiple times in a row before they can play it correctly. Practicing often and working on the hard parts requires perseverance. Musicians become masters of discipline!
  3. ENHANCE HAND EYE COORDINATION The art of playing an instrument requires a lot of hand-eye coordination.  When you are reading musical notes on a page, your brain subconsciously must convert that note into specific motor patterns while also adding breathing and rhythm to the mix.
  4. MUSIC MAKES YOU HAPPIER & REDUCES STRESS playing music can promote stimulation to areas of the brain that promote increased joy and decreased stress. Experts found that if we actively engage with the music – feeling it rather than letting it just play in the background – it can give us extra emotional oomph and make us feel happier (Ferguson and Sheldon, 2013).

This list is just the tip of the iceberg, other benefits of learning an instrument may include increased self confidence, improved reading comprehension, new understanding of history and musical styles, better listening skills and enhancement of the respiratory system (for vocalists and brass instrumentalists).

If you are ready to start reaping the benefits you can join the 80+ music students at Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) by registering online today. To register, just fill out our online form with your contact information and answer the questions about your instrument of choice, musical, experience, and schedule preferences. Next we will connect you with an instructor so that your musical journey can begin. We have a highly qualified and nurturing staff. However, if at any time you are not satisfied we will be happy to find you a different instructor if possible or issue a refund. You can start at any time during the year and at any age (however some instruments may have recommended starting ages, but we recognize everyone is different, so please contact us if you questions. Private lessons can be purchased in bundles of 4, 8 or 12 lessons. The per lesson fee is discounted to as low as $15 per lesson on the 12 lesson bundle. Visit our Music Division Page for details about our private lessons and other music programs or fill out a registration form today to start your musical journey.