On Wednesday, August 23rd, 4:30-6:30pm the community is invited to come to the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts to explore “Echoes” an art exhibit in Galleria Valencia by Dan Eastman and then pick out and take home your favorite piece to hang in your bedroom! This is a special opportunity for children ages 4-12 thanks to the generosity of the artist. Mr. Eastman has donated over 50 original works and will let children choose their favorite piece to take home so that they can see and touch it as much as they want! (Something children are often discouraged to do with art!)

This event will take place during the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) Open House so visitors can also enjoy a tour of the MCA, participate in a coloring contest, enter to win prizes, enjoy treats and more. View the flyer for the Open House.

(There is no need to register, just show up! The giveaway will be first come, first serve until all of the artwork has found a home).

Dan Eastman Artist Statement:

Art expands imagination beyond its habitual bounds. There are moments when surroundings open up; when things that ordinarily enter the senses appear vividly; when unexpected echoes float at the edge of a chaos that we seek to make familiar. This acknowledgement of the elusive shifting nature of boundaries is the realm of enchantment that shapes our aesthetic being and enhances the wonderment at the heart of all artistic pursuit.

This series of work pictures a realm where the boundaries of civilization are subject to temporal dissolution and reconfiguration as nature is made visible through a re-emergence born of (and borne by) the destructive patterns of human enchroachment at the entwined boundaries between the natural and the artificial.

Specifically, the journey that brought these art works to this time and place enfolds physical, psychological and emotional responses to the resurgence of nature along the Mississippi River wetlands of Southeastern Minnesota.

Over the past few decades I have wondered throughout the flood zones of the Mississippi near Winona, MN, especially the Homer Valley watershed where my home and studios are located. The more I looked the more I became engaged with the historical traces of the river’s once unbridled flow and the subsequent unrelenting priorities that revolve around the industrialization of the material world.

I focused on the energies of nature that keep seeking resurgence through an expanding array of fragmented ground cover and water ways that tenaciously unbind the hold of modern artificial control. This dynamic consistently cycled back to the notion of a wetlands that once absorbed a wild and meandering river system. This in turn became an imaginative sequence of questions: What is flow? What are the forces of wind, water, gravity and time? What do the energy fields of nature’s growth look like? Can the invisible be made visible? With these questions in mind, I began this series as a codex to the vitality of flow in nature by imagining what it would be like to exist as a growing wetland environment that encountered an encroaching human made world— towns, industry, commerce, bridges, power distribution, levees, etc. This lead to creating images that have a sense of ebb and flow. As I developed these images, my dreams became increasingly haunted by streams of shifting colors that informed this gathering of shapes. Finally, I overlapped all these elements into a complex sequence of collage, color, drawing, and painting that reveal the entwined boundaries between the wandering flow of nature and the measured placement of built environments.

Community members are invited to walk through the exhibit throughout the month of August prior to the open house on Aug. 23rd.