Children ages 3 years-2nd grade are invited to celebrate snowflakes, cold air and the beloved movie “Frozen” on Saturday Feb. 11th, 10am-Noon during Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts (MCA) Frozen Dance and Art Adventure Workshop.

There will be miles of smiles as students dance and craft their way through a magical journey unleashing their imaginations in this workshop. Students will be broken apart into groups with like ages. Instruction will be provided by MCA’s nurturing and qualified instructors Jennifer Taber-O’Neill and Brianna Haupt. The cost for the workshops is only $19 and includes a snack, art supplies and instruction.

Older children in grades 3rd- 5th should get ready to be inspired by wintery icicles and fluffy white snow as we celebrate Winter through art activities in a workshop called “Icicles and Art”. If the weather cooperates they will pull on snow pants and gloves and head outside to get creative new ways. This workshop is on Sat. Feb. 11th, 12:30-2pm and only is $15 per participant.

Don’t miss these “Icy” adventure that is part of the Winona Winter Carnival. Check out other fun things to do during the Winona Winter Carnival, Feb. 10-12, 2017 by clicking HERE.

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