Homeschool families who want to incorporate the arts into their school day should look no further than the daytime classes at MCA specifically designed for homeschool students. With a special focus on collaboration, and artistry, homeschool classes and daytime performances are the perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum.

A variety of homeschool programs which range in dance, music, theatre and visual art topics are offered during the Fall and Winter sessions. Students will gain knowledge of the arts, build confidence and form friendships. Families with multiple children enrolled can take advantage of our family discounts and also enjoy our lobby that is equipped with free Wi-Fi if they choose to wait in the lobby while classes are taking place.

Below is a glance at our winter 2016 homeschool student offerings, for full descriptions and more information click here.

2nd Annual Homeschool Visual Arts Show in Galleria Valéncia

Art drop off dates: Dec. 15-Dec. 22 Gallery Exhibit: January 2016 Free and open to all ages through 18 years of age.

Homeschooler Storybook Theatre

Day/Dates: Mondays, Feb. 25-Feb. 29 Time: 10am-11am  Age: 5-7 years Instructor: S. Heaver Price: $25 (6 classes)

Homeschooler Dance Sampler

Day/Dates: Mondays, Jan. 11- March 14 Time: 10am-11am Age: 8-12 years Instructor: J. Taber-O’Neill Price: $42 (10 classes)

Homeschooler Arts Night 

Date: Jan. 23rd, 2016 Times: 2:00pm- Mandatory Rehearsal for all participants, 6:00pm- Homeschoolers Arts Night Ages: 5 + Price: $5 per participant, attendance to the performance is free and open to the public in MCA’s Academy Theatre.

Words in Motion Dance Repertory Company Spring Dance Concert

Date: Thursday, April 14th, 2016 Time:10:00am at the Page Theatre on the Saint Mary’s University Campus. Price: $3 per ticket

MCA Homeschool Enrichment Program