We are so happy that we have been selected by Mississippi Thunder Speedway in Fountain City to participate in a 50/50 raffle. We need to provide a few volunteers to sell raffle tickets for $1 or $5 for 6 tickets and we get to keep 50% of money collected for tickets that evening. The money raised will be used to help us race into the preparations of our Dance Repertory Company’s (DRC) 10th biennial production of The Nutcracker, which will run Nov. 28-Dec.2, 2018 at the Page Theatre.

Volunteers are needed on July 27th, 2018 5:45pm- approx. 10 pm. Volunteers ages 10 and up are invited to participate and will be are given free admission and 2 adults or 1 child and 1 adult will be given pit passes. Tickets buckets and aprons are provided.

Please let us know you can help us out by signing up here. As always, we at MCA are very grateful for your donated time and commitment to the school, as a non-profit community organization we rely on the community to help make our programs possible and accessible.

July 27th is the 2018 Baehman B Mod Challenge and features a Late Model Autograph Session

Visit www.mississippithunder.com for more info about the speedway.